MTOSS Racing partners with COBRA9
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MTOSS Racing partners with COBRA9

MTOSS Racing partners with COBRA9

MTOSS Racing is proud to announce that it has entered into a partnership with COBRA9 and their Sydney-based podiatry partner Mod Pod Modern Podiatry. Through this partnership each rider will be provided with COBRA9 Pro and SemiPro cycling orthotics for the coming season. “We are excited that our riders will benefit from the research and technology that has gone into the development of the COBRA9 range of cycling orthotics” Darren Covington, MTOSS director.

About COBRA9

COBRA9 is an Australian based company specialising in carbon cycling orthotic solutions. COBRA9 was conceived when sports podiatrists Nathan White and Chris Angel developed a custom orthotic shape designed specifically for cyclists.As an elite cyclist, Nathan identified a real need for an orthotic product for riders that delivers on quality and performance. In consultation with Sports Health Professionals and cyclists alike, they then went on to develop the product that is the COBRA9 Pro.In 2011, Nathan sought the business and design expertise of his brother and co-owner Adam White to commercialise the product. The ‘off the shelf’ COBRA9 SemiPro followed and together they have established a strong brand that is associated with a quality performance product that continues to build momentum in the cycling industry.We are a progressive fact driven company seeking the latest in industry research to further develop our products. We believe in facts not fiction. We regularly provide case studies and evidence based content to inform our clients with accurate up to date research related to our role in the cycling industry.


About MTOSS Racing

MTOSS Racing is founded on the concept of holistic development for young athletes in the sport. The team offers a unique environment that recognises young cyclists need to develop outside the – often narrow – parameters of the sport they practised at a key stage in their lives.MTOSS partnerships are leaders in the field of junior athlete development, supporting our holistic approach of education, culture and cycling at the highest level.


For more information contact:Wade Buchan
0403 599 81


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