A21-MTOSS with a mission at the Pioneer
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A21-MTOSS with a mission at the Pioneer

A21-MTOSS with a mission at the Pioneer

MTOSS Racing has 3 teams participating in this year’s Pioneer mountain bike race in New Zealand. The Pioneer is a stage race based in Queenstown, where riders tackle a six-stage race in teams of two. Each stage is between 21km and 101km, with 1100m to 3500m vertical metres of climbing each day.

The MTOSS contingent is comprised of 3 teams that are riding to promote an organisation called A21, a not-for-profit organisation on a mission to abolish slavery everywhere, forever. The organisation works to rescue those caught in slavery and their perpetrator to justice. A21 are driven by the hope that in a single moment a number can turn into a name, a tragedy into a victory, and a belief into an action.

The three teams are:

  1. MTOSS Racing – Andrew Fell (32-2) and Michael Harris (32-1)
  2. A21 Linc-n-Lister – Linc Carlon (361-1) and Peter Lister (361-2)
  3. A21 AAA – Peter Selkrig (World Solo 24hr MTB Champion x 2) and Søren Lind Wenck (2 x Cape Epic Finisher)

After the Prologue and Stage 1, the MTOSS teams are in 14th, 15th & 50th overall amongst 269 teams.

In addition to the Pioneer, MTOSS Racing will also field teams at the Cape Epic race in South Africa, to be held in March 2019.

For more information about A21 visit www.a21.org or go to www.mtossracing.com.au

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